Friday, September 3, 2010

Government Flip-Flops On Abortion Funding. Another Attempt To Appease The "Moderates" - Or Worse?

So, a Cabinet minister (Bev Oda) announces that the Canadian government is now open to funding abortion under its G8 maternal health plan. And on the same day (or very close to it,) there is a new poll released, according to which the Conservatives and the Liberals not only run neck in neck, but the Liberals are actually likely to win more seats in spite of having slightly fewer votes.

We've seen that before, just 4 months ago or so. After standing up to those demanding more tax funds for abortion (and leading in the polls,) the party tried to soften its stance - and slipped to virtual party with the Liberals. They managed to reverse the trend, once the signs of economic recovery became visible, but apparently they haven't learned their lesson. Again, they are trying to pander to the left, in a pathetic attempt to boost their support.

Do they believe the left-leaning moderates may eventually let go of the "scary, cold, out of touch Harper" image and vote Conservative? Do they believe that all the "middle of the road progressives" will actually support a "Liberal-light" party, when they can get the real deal? Or, could it be that some CPC strategists purposely seek to alienate the party's Social Conservative voter base? Garth Turner is out, but many others who share his views are still in the party. Plus, we all know who typically gets blamed every time the Conservative party fails to perform as desired. "Harper was way too scary", they'll say, "we need someone more moderate". And they'll bring in someone like John Tory - with obvious consequences for the party and for the Conservative movement in Canada.

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