Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pro-Abort Way To Win Arguments — Vandalizing A Catholic Bookstore

How typical of them - trying to scare the opponents when they can't win the debate.
HALIFAX, Nova Scotia, September 14, 2010 (LifeSiteNews.com) – A volunteer-run Catholic bookstore in downtown Halifax, Nova Scotia that has been subject to increasing vandalism due to its promotion of life and family has responded by raising its voice even louder in encouraging locals to get more involved in pro-life activities.

On Saturday, the windows at Veritas Catholic Books & Gifts were pasted with pro-abortion posters advertising “underground abortions.” The posters were posted so as to cover up an ad for the local 40 Days for Life campaign.

In recent months the store’s windows have been scratched and plastered with hard grease to cover up promotions of natural family planning, post-abortion healing, and the 40 Days campaign. Vandals have even smashed the door lock and injected glue into it to prevent the door from being opened.
Underground abortions, they say? Well, what's the difference between "underground" abortions and those performed in abortion "clinics", especially those that fail to meet the basic health standards? (Remember the scandal in Quebec, when abortion mills threatened to go out of business if the government insisted on the requirement for them to have sterile operating rooms?)

What's the difference between those crooked physicians that performed back-alley abortions in the past and the abortion providers of today that find it acceptable to yell at those who hesitate? And what's the difference between home abortions of the past and so called "telemed" chemical abortions promoted by "planned parenthood"? Women die anyway, don't they?

The very argument - "if a woman is not allowed to abort her unborn baby, she'll do that anyway, illegally, but she might get injured in the process" - it sounds quite similar to "if a cash-strapped guy is not legally permitted to poison his rich grandfather, he'll try to do that anyway, but he may also accidentally poison himself..." And that attitude towards the unborn - which regards him as by definition, something inferior, that could be sacrificed for personal convenience, that could be destroyed while he's still small and barely noticeable, to "liberate" women from motherhood and men - from responsibility - that is the root of the problem.

And that's what the 40 Days for Life is all about. This is not a protest - this is a peaceful prayer. And we're not praying for the abortion facilities to burn down or for something bad to happen to the abortion providers. We're praying to end abortion. We're praying for the change of attitude towards the unborn, that would make abortion unthinkable. And if the pro-aborts feel threatened by our prayers to such extent that they go and vandalize a bookstore which promotes the prayer event - that means we're on the right track.

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Scott said...

One can only admire the response of Veritas Books: "Turning Sour Grapes into Wine: Vandalized Catholic Bookstore Ups Pro-Life Efforts".