Thursday, September 16, 2010

The Rise Of Eco-Fascism

The dirty shade of environmentalist-green:
While it seems certain that Mr. Lee was a monomaniacal lunatic, it must also be pointed out that he didn't pull his ideas out of thin air. Rather, they are natural but absurd extensions of deep-green environmental thought.

From celebrated Canadian high-seas eco-activist Paul Watson, who has unapologetically described humans as the "AIDS of the Earth," to writer Stephanie Mills, who described Homo sapiens as "debased human protoplasm," such implicitly murderous rhetoric is all too common.

Sadly, its associated nihilism is insinuating itself into the popular culture. And here's another bit of irony: If Mr. Lee had merely flipped to the History Television channel and started watching the Life After People series, he might have found sufficient anti-human, anti-civilization succour to soothe the beast that was roiling within his mind.
So much about "protecting the environment" and "caring for our planet", as the green activists tend to portray their movement. And, we're not talking about some overzealous radical marginals. This is mainstream and often it's very difficult to determine where does the official green party end and the radical eco-fascism begins. The very organization which Paul Watson leads, used to have none other than Elizabeth May on its advisory board. Who didn't find it necessary to distance herself from Watson (let alone - condemning his misanthropic views) even when the controversy over the organization forced her to resign.

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