Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Abortion vs "Choice"

"We are not pro-abort, we are pro-choice", claims a commenter on the Moncton Right to Life blog. Pro- what kind of "choice"? Babies don't choose abortion. And often - it's not even their mothers who make the decision:
It had never occurred to me to really think about the possibility of unplanned pregnancy. I had always used condoms! The 15% failure rate with ‘perfect use’ was just a random number in my head. Condoms = safe sex = no pregnancy or disease. End of story. I was a good girl, a smart girl, my mother worked for Planned Parenthood and a private abortion clinic, so there was NO WAY it could happen to me.
My mother called around noon. I told her about my discussion with the counselor and she blew up at me (predictably). She screamed that she was going to sue the college for advising any option other than abortion, and she threatened to cut off my tuition and any other support money. I gave in. Immediately she fell back into cheerful mode, bubbling on about how great it was going to be to get her friends together to celebrate my rite of passage. She said she would buy the tickets right away after we got off the phone, and that she would call back once she knew my flight time and which airport.
Her voice turned icy. “Well, if that’s how Daddy feels then he WILL have to support you. If he wants you to ruin your life by having a baby, then HE can pay for EVERYTHING for you and IT, and I will never put another cent toward your education. I’ve devoted my life to helping women who need abortions, and now you’re the one who needs help, and I’m going to help you, so that’s that, okay???”
I told her what my mother had said, and that she was already buying the plane tickets and I had no choice. I remember that, so clearly, more clearly than anything else about my abortion. I said: “I HAVE NO CHOICE.” In a last-ditch effort, the counselor told me that if I aborted I would go to hell. I was an atheist at that point, so the threat was empty to me. I said: “I’m more afraid of my mother.” and hung up.
So that's the kind of "choice" they stand for. Coerced "choice", never - an informed choice, in fact - an unchoice... And Abigail is not the only woman who fell victim to the industry of the "unchoice".

Remember all the outcry from the pro-abort side when the anti-coercion bill was introduced? Why do you think they are so opposed to the law that would make it illegal to threaten a woman with eviction, loss of job or financial support if she refuses to abort her baby? Because then it would be clear that abortion has nothing to do with "choice". The only real choice is to choose life. And if the woman really doesn't want the baby - there's always adoption, the loving option.

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