Thursday, October 7, 2010

Population Control Freaks Get More And More Bloodthirsty

Some of them are still trying to play moderate; they just want to put everyone on birth control. Or they suggest that we trim the population growth by aborting disabled babies. Others don't really bother to hide their views any more. They make it clear what exactly is the best way to reduce emissions and how those who don't agree with them should be dealt with. Can they be more clear about their agenda? No pressure, right, but only as long as you comply. Not sure what kind of "creative challenge" these guys were facing, but so far all their creativity has been focused on exterminating humans for planet's sake.
Once again, are these “eco-fascists” trying to advocate the “removal” of those who don’t support their radical agenda? It isn’t like this is the first time one of these environmentalists have advocated the “thinning of the herd”, so let’s pretend this something new. Once again, this is the reason Patrick Moore left Greenpeace, the organization he co-founded, because it had become an “anti-human” group.
By the way, this is not the first time the explosion theme appears in their works. They started with an online game featuring an exploding "overconsuming" pig. Now, a couple years later, the envirofascists came up with a movie featuring exploding humans. The online game suggested that the player should have died at early age (typically - between 8 and 24,) when he had "used up his share of the planet". This movie wants the "overconsuming" individuals dead right away.

And, if all they can say in their defense is "sorry, we thought you have some sense of humor" - that clearly shows that those who came up with the script for the scandalous movie weren't just lonely radicals. It's mainstream. Which is not surprising, if you look at it:
We have all heard the chief argument in support of the dehumanization of the unborn - that they're just a clump of non-sentient cells. Attempting to draw a convenient legal line between personhood and parasite cannot stem the cancer that dehumanization inflicts on society. As soon as the arbitrary line is drawn at birth (or race, or sentience), the question becomes legitimate: why not further? Why should infants be classified as human and deserve the right to life? Why should the mentally disabled go on living while we know in our omnipotence that they'd rather be dead?
It starts with the disregard for human life. And it evolves into an ideology, which promises a better world, if only we let them eliminate millions upon millions of undesirables. The radical environmentalism isn't any different. They can claim that they "love the planet" and that they're working to build a better, environment-friendly world. But sometimes they slip - and let everybody see what exactly is their vision for a better "green" world: Whoever drew this, didn't bother to dream about some magic buttons that would destroy anyone who doesn't agree with the envirofascist beliefs. He prefers far more practical approach.

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