Friday, October 8, 2010

Confirmed: Arrests At Carleton U — An Act Of Censorship

The university no longer tries to pretend, that the arrest of five pro-life students had anything to do with trespassing. Now, it's all about content:
OTTAWA, Ontario, October 7, 2010 ( – While Carleton University said earlier this week that it had five pro-life students arrested mainly because they had set up a display in an area on campus that the university claimed was “not normally permitted” for displays, a university representative today told that the real issue was “the nature of the content.”
Carleton’s director of communications Jason MacDonald told media Monday, in comments published by major media such as the National Post, that the group was denied the space because “student groups are not normally permitted use of the Quad for displays.” He stated that, “in addition,” there were concerns about the content of the group’s display.

Today, however, the student group issued a press release saying that Carleton was “misleading the public” by suggesting that the pro-life students were asking for special treatment in the use of the public area.

In the release, club president Ruth Lobo said she found it appalling the university would "mislead the public by making the arrest look like we violated university policy instead of what it really was: that Carleton censors opinions on campus thereby violating their own policy of academic freedom."
So, when the university doesn't like the content of the display, they don't even attempt to argue their point of view using academic means, they just bring in hired goons. Universities of today don't care about truth and academic debate. It's the ideology that matters for them:
Are the pictures true?

That’s the question. And if they are true, then just why the hell is Carleton University and its hired thugs trying suppress it? That’s another important question to ask about the motives and the mentality of Censorship U. Authorities.

But our government and academic organs don’t make judicial decisions based on the truth anymore.
Too bad so many people still come to these places in search of knowledge.

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