Friday, November 26, 2010

Historic Worldwide Prayer Vigil For Unborn Happens Tomorrow

Let's join the Holy Father in a worldwide prayer vigil for the unborn:
WORLD, November 23, 2010 ( - Pope Benedict’s request for Catholics throughout the world to observe a “Vigil for All Nascent Human Life” on Saturday, November 27 has met with an massive positive response from around the world and from pro-life leaders.

Joseph Meaney, director of international coordination for Human Life International, the world’s largest pro-life organization, said this weak, “We hope that Catholics understand the historical significance of Pope Benedict’s invitation.”

“The Holy Father for the first time in history has asked the Universal Catholic Church to gather together in a common liturgical event and pray for our preborn brothers and sisters who are being slaughtered around the world by abortion and other attacks of the culture of death.”
If you can't attend, or if there's no vigil held in your community - at least say the rosary...

Update: Check out the full text of the Pope's homily for the vigil for all nascent human life on the Life Site News website.

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