Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The "Transgender" Deception — Children's Day vs. "Transgender" Remembrance Day

Some sexual deviants want to proclaim a special "trasgender day of remembrance" on the same day which is known as Universal Children's Day. Could that be just a coincidence?
Sex activists wear adult clothes but they have never grown up. Instead of recognizing natural reality and truth, they embrace perversion. When young people express confusion about their sexuality, these adolescent adults want to affirm them in the most perverse expressions of this confusion instead of guiding them into clarity and truth.
They pretend to be victims. The facts however make it clear where violence and abuse come from:
The incident prompted Miller, who is an issues specialist with Concerned Women for America North Carolina, to do some research. She discovered that “bathroom attacks” – where, most often, a woman is attacked in a public bathroom by a man who followed her in or hid inside – are unfortunately very common. “I think people would be surprised at how many attacks really are going on,” she said.

But while the government should be working to protect women from these kinds of incidents, Miller told LifeSiteNews that legislation like Canada’s Bill C-389 – a private members bill seeking to enshrine protections based on “gender identity” and “gender expression” – will actually further endanger women.

“The gender identity bills will put more men in bathrooms,” she explained. “We’re having tremendous problems with bathroom attacks already. Why would you allow more boys in girl’s bathrooms?”
That's quite obvious. Even now, thanks to the so called "human rights" commissions, "transgender" perverts can harass individuals and businesses, demanding access to the other sex facilities, as well as hefty sums of money for hurt feelings.
...Ms. Selick recounts the story of St. Catharines gym owner, John Fulton, who declined to admit a pre-operative transgendered man as a member of his all-women's health club. Before he knew it, he was hit with a human rights complaint. Late last year the complainant suddenly dropped the complaint—leaving Mr. Fulton with approximately $150,000 in legal fees.
If C-389 passes, there will be no legal grounds to stop these complaints.

The governing caucus is finally taking some steps to stop the bill. But, considering that the bill is supported by all three opposition parties, that may not be enough. Will the Conservative caucus in the Senate be willing to stand up to the opposition's socially perverse agenda or will they be too afraid to act against the majority of MPs and to defeat what the leftists describe as "human rights" bill? Unless at least 9 opposition MPs stand up for common sense, the Senators will be facing that choice in just three weeks time.


Anonymous said...

150k in legal fees that is just sicking, the man was looking out for the interests of his clients. I myself am a trans individual, I for one feel I was born in the wrong body and just because you don't feel that way does not mean it is made up. However you are free to believe what ever you like, but I feel as far as bathroom use if they are passable and look the part as well as on hormones they should be able to use the bathrooms. If a person is on hormones they are receiving the same signals that someone genetically born would receive. In all honesty someone who is living as male but born female and is hairy, masculine, and big would you really want them in a female bathroom? I know you probably wouldn't want them anywhere well that is what transgender day of remembrance is about; its trans people who were murdered in the year that passed. Someone did not want them around because they were born in the wrong body and did not want to lie to them self anymore and transitioned or were transiting. Maybe they felt lied to when they found out, or it just being a really taboo topic they felt that they should feel hate to the person. Transgender people are people they are not sex perverts I for one could care less about any sex related act. As far as the day being the same as children's day, thats not right and it should be on a different day.

Leonard said...

There's no such thing as "transgender". It's a perversion. And this is not a belief - it's a biological fact: you can't have the Y chromosome surgically removed, neither can it be surgically implanted. A man or a woman can have him/herself surgically mutilated so that they may look like someone of the other gender, but replacing one's natural body parts with artificial ones doesn't turn a man into a woman and vice versa. They remain surgically mutilated men and women.

As for the "born in the wrong body" nonsense - if someone thinks he's Napoleon "born in the wrong body" of Bob from San Francisco - I doubt that we should crown him Emperor of France just because of that. Ditto with access to women's bathrooms for a perverted man who thinks he was "born in the wrong body". No matter what kind of hormones he takes and how feminine he looks - as long as he's got what every other man has - nobody wants to see him in women-only facilities. A hairy masculine-looking female is still a female - thus she is not welcome in the men's room.

And, just like someone who thinks he's Napoleon "born in the wrong body" of Bob from San Francisco is given a treatment that allows him to get rid of his mental disorder and feel comfortable with his natural body - that should be the approach towards those who are not comfortable with their gender. You can "feel" whatever you want, but biological facts must take precedence over mere feelings.

Matt Sayers said...

I know this is a difficult issue and I know that life is not always easy as a "trans" person. I do however see a lot of bitterness towards "cis" people coming from people in the trans group. I see them using terms like "cis privilege," which to me is just nonsense. To call it a privilege absurd. I personally am tired of all the attention this community is getting and the privilege that they seem to want over and above everyone else. It is not my privilege as a man to use the women's locker rooms, showers and bathrooms, no matter how much I would love to do that and putting on a dress and lipstick should not give me that right. It seems that transgender people feel that they are far more important than everyone else. What about the non-transgender people? Don't we have rights? Don't we have the right to use the bathroom or take a shower without the presence of someone of the opposite sex? As the person above me wrote, you can't become the opposite sex with surgery and hormones. You will always have the genetics of the gender you were born with. It just amazes me to hear terms like "the gender you were assigned at birth." Nobody assigned you a gender. The doctor only had to look between your legs to know exactly what gender you are. He didn't arbitrarily make it up because that's what he/she wanted you to be. If you were born with a penis then you are male and if you were born with a vagina then you are a female. It's that simple. Also, I'm surprised that nobody but me seems to have thought about this, but for those people who think that they have the mind of the opposite gender, there is no possible way for you to know that. you were born the sex you are and therefor have no way of knowing what it feels like to be someone of the opposite gender anymore than you could know what it feels like to be another human being. It's just impossible and you will never, ever know even if you think you do. For a man to say he feels like a woman is ridiculous because he has no way of knowing what it feels like to be a woman no matter what clothes he wears or how much surgery he goes through.

I believe that a person has a right to dress as the opposite sex if they want to, but I also don't think that clothes are only a cultural thing and they do not transform a person into the other gender. Styles change all the time and as we all know, the Scottish men wore skirts (kilts) in the past, but that didn't make them women.

Jeanne said...

I agree with the last two posts wholeheartedly. DNA does not lie.

The problems is transgenders "believe" their transitioned gender IS an authentic gender. I see it as posing and imitation, but they insist that the hormones, surgery, and clothing makes them the new gender. This is mental illness and demon possession.

It will take a Supreme Court ruling to set things straight, that DNA does not lie.

Don't back down from truth, because that's what transgenders want us to do with their intimidation and political correctness.