Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sidewalk Counselor Arrested Outside Toronto Abortion Facility

Unwilling to argue, powerless to stop the debate, the pro-aborts respond with intensified arrests of peaceful pro-life protesters:
Yesterday, November 21, 2010, Mary Wagner, a citizen from British Columbia, was arrested at Women’s Care Abortion Clinic at 960 Lawrence Street, West in Toronto. Her court appearance is scheduled for today, Tuesday, Nov. 23, at College Park courts, at 10:00 am. Mary was acquitted in July of a previous arrest in April of this year at a different abortion clinic in Toronto. She was incarcerated for nearly four months at the Milton Vanier Centre for Women.
Mary’s support team of Wilma Debruyn of Ingersol and myself of London (and many others behind the scenes) provided sidewalk counseling to the women and some of their partners who were entering from the street and pamphlets were distributed.

Approximately one hour later Mary was arrested with a trespassing charge and was released, but not without some rough handling by the two officers, who forced Mary against her will to walk towards us who were on the sidewalk. Their intentions seemed to be good however, wanting to spare Mary a second arrest with the greater consequence of a possible charge of criminal harassment.

At one point Mary was in tears because she felt she was abandoning the women and their pre-born babies. At one point Mary was with us for a brief few minutes and Wilma noted, in a later reflection on the morning, Mary’s passion for the pre-born: “She is really following her call. She is passionate with them [the pre-born babies]”. Quoting Mary she said: “I have to go back to save the babies, I feel my heart is still with them, I have to go back.”

After considering her options with us, Mary returned to the building while in the process of counseling a mother and her partner who was pushing a stroller with a nine-month-old child inside. She was successful in turning back the couple, but not before being arrested again. While Mary was in the police cruiser, sadly the couple returned to the clinic. The two of us on the sidewalk just couldn’t convince the couple with their young child not to return to the clinic. We prayed fervently that they would change their minds. Their fate is unknown.
According to the same article, there was still one baby saved as result of Mary's heroic actions. And there may have been others too. No wonder the pro-aborts are so furious. But loss of business and loss of support (as well as their inability to defend their point of view in an open and honest debate) certainly doesn't justify persecution and arbitrary arrests.

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