Thursday, November 18, 2010

Something Is Very Wrong With Canadian Campuses These Days

Check out this National Post editorial:
Something is very wrong with Canadian campuses these days. Left-wing students and outside agitators get away with shouting down speakers they disagree with, smashing windows to prevent lecturers they don’t want to hear, even chaining themselves to a stage and screaming “racist, racist, racist” at the University of Waterloo to prevent Christie Blatchford from talking about her new book. Student unions routinely decertify pro-life clubs, and administrators frequently cater to the demands of a handful of vocal socialist anarchists.

But when right-of-centre student groups attempt to protest the censorship they face, or demonstrate against leftist speakers and those they believe are hateful, they are met with threats of lawsuits or expulsion by administrators or student unions.

The most recent example of this double-standard came Monday, when the Carleton University Student Association (CUSA) banned a pro-life club from operating on campus or even using campus meeting rooms. The CUSA said Carleton Lifeline could regain its official status — if it renounced pro-life beliefs.

We doubt CUSA would ask campus Marxists to renounce socialism, or require Muslim groups to convert to Judaism, yet they are demanding the equivalent backflip from pro-lifers.
Something is very wrong - indeed. And it's only getting worse. With all the censorship, intimidation and violence on the rise, we may soon witness something similar to what was taking place some 80 years ago in Germany.

The German Student Association fell under national socialist control some two years before Hitler took power. It then became the major driving force behind the ill-famous book burnings under the nazi rule. They too, were determined not to allow politically incorrect opinions to be expressed - same as the international socialists today.

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