Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Work Harder, Youth Criminals Need Your EI Dollars

4.15% of your paycheck well spent:
The Liberals, the Bloc and the NDP banded together yesterday at HUMA committee and supported and passed Bloc Bill C-343 that would reward youth criminals.

Bill C-343 would provide thousands of dollars from EI for parents to stay home and take care of youth criminals who are injured while committing a crime, such as robbery, arson, gang activity, or other criminal acts. This bill would result in increased EI premiums for law-abiding Canadian families and business owners who would be forced to pay even more money to these criminals. It is shocking.
Well, if our bleeding-heart-liberal judges are convinced that elderly inmates have the right to Old Age Security benefits, it's only logical for the left-wing MPs to extend EI benefits to youth criminals who got injured while committing a crime. After all, they may argue, crime is these youngsters' job, so this should be regarded as a job-related disability benefit...

Gladly, there are now enough Conservatives in the Senate to stop the bill if it passes the third reading.

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