Friday, December 17, 2010

Canadian 'Tea Party' — Missing In Action

The US Tea Party has become quite a powerful movement. Where's ours?

Kevin Gaudet, from the Canadian Taxpayer Federation has a few suggestions:
Barack Obama and Stephen Harper have something important in common – both have misunderstood what helped to get them elected. On the surface, they both seemed sincere. They both had a vision, albeit two very different visions, but each seemingly borne of conviction for change. Since being elected, both now have come to represent exactly that thing their supporters wanted them not to be – establishment politicians who, in effect, represent the status quo.

Unlike in the US, where the Tea Party movement is largely about opposing run-away spending and big government, in Canada the growing restlessness is also about citizens wanting to take back their governments. If it was only about taxes and spending in Canada, then BC’s NDP wouldn’t be leading in the polls.
Also, please don't forget to sign the CTF Balanced Budget Petition. We, the taxpayers, have scored some success lately, ending seniors' entitlements for prisoners like Clifford Olson, but that's just a drop in the $50 billion bucket. We need to make it clear, that runaway spending is not going to result in more votes; rather the opposite. After all, it's our money, not theirs.


The Rational Number said...

I had heard a tea party was beginning to form in Quebec -

Perhaps there's an opportunity here to start a Canadian tea party. I'll suggest a name: the Reform party.

Leonard said...

I doubt we should use the name of any former party, let alone running full slate and splitting the vote, as it was the case with the Reform. The US tea party movement showed us how a grass-roots effort can rebuild a major party - that should be our recipe for success.

Trestin said...

I think every country should have a grass-roots movement similar to the Tea Party.