Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Fetal Rights Debate Goes On

Even if the Prime Minister himself opposes it.
I support efforts to encourage a calm and respectful discussion about abortion law reform in Canada, as Canadians have passionately differing views over whether our existing abortion law, which declares that a child is not a human being until fully born, should be reformed.

Many Canadians have decided that this question is too unpleasant to think about, much less talk about. This is because people on both sides have made it unpleasant with heated rhetoric. Until we convince Canadians that it's not a burden to deal with this issue, people will continue to recoil from what is really a healthy discussion. There is plenty of medical and scientific evidence that can help us to answer the question whether or not our law is correct to say that a child is not a human being before birth, and therefore not deserving of human rights. There are modern principles of human rights which can be brought to bear. Difficult truths can always be tempered with sensitivity.

The alternative is to perpetuate a chill on national dialogue that will serve to perpetuate the status quo. Whose goal is that?
How much longer will the pro-aborts be able to keep the debate under wraps? Especially if their typical censorship measures, such as shutting down student clubs, blocking and shouting down their presentations, imposing restrictions that don't apply to other groups, pressing phony charges etc just don't work any longer, so they have to resort to harsher measures such as arrests and prolonged detentions without trial in an attempt to prevent pro-lifers from speaking up.

They know that the day both sides are put in equal conditions will be the day the pro-aborts will suffer a crushing defeat. They know that all they can do is to try delaying the inevitable, hoping that the issue may just go away. But it won't. Niki Ashton, NDP MP from Churchill is upset that such a debate is still taking place "in the year 2010". Well, that's just the beginning. And I won't be surprised if the pro-aborts, with their "all or nothing" approach will in effect speed up their own demise - as it happened with the pro-slavery crowd some 150 years ago.

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