Thursday, December 9, 2010

Losing Your Child At The Flip Of A Coin

The last update on the "Birth-or-not" is in and, with the fraudulent votes removed, the results are strongly in favor of letting the baby live. Plus, as Life Site News reports, the baby's mother, who considered abortion at first, has since grown closer to the baby and would likely choose life. So we can hope that this whole story is over and that the child, known as "Baby Wiggles", will be allowed to see daylight.

But this story also shows us how twisted the current situation is. First of all - the whole idea of trusting a life or death question to an online poll. Can you imagine someone whose cat has had kittens asking the public in an online poll whether he should drown those kittens or just give them away? Yet that's pretty much the test to which a pro-abortion mother put her baby's life. She might as well just have flipped a coin - the outcome wouldn't be any less reliable than that of an online poll.
The online poll was widely deemed to be a hoax after Mr. Arnold revealed that he was pro-life; however, Mrs. Arnold later revealed that she is pro-abortion, and contradicted her husband’s claims that they had never really considered an abortion. Alisha said she considered aborting the child, but has since grown closer to the baby and would likely choose life.

Mrs. Arnold wrote in a Dec. 3 post that she found the number of fake votes in favor of aborting the baby “astounding.” “I have no idea why people would go to the lengths that they did to submit fraudulent votes towards abortion,” she said. “But this all leads back to the reason for voting and how many people don’t take it seriously.”
Including you, Mrs. Arnold. If you took it seriously, you would never trust the life of your baby to an online poll.

And, at the same time, the baby's father should consider himself lucky that his wife agreed to an online poll or to a coin flip or that she even bothered to listen to someone else's opinion, including her husband's. Because, thanks to the current legal vacuum on fetal rights, father's opinion doesn't count. She could have just gone to the nearest abortion facility, have her baby ripped to pieces there and only then let her husband know that he had lost a child.

Yes, that's the way the laws (or - the court rulings and "read-ins" that replaced them) work nowadays. The law may turn a blind eye on a pro-abort family member who escorts the woman to an abortion mill at gunpoint or coerces her to abort in some other way; but if a woman "chooses" to abort her baby in spite of her partner's wish, there's absolutely nothing a pro-life father can do to save his baby from being put to death.

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When I first read about this, my opinion of society dropped off even more.