Friday, December 10, 2010

Right To "Choose" — Unless You Choose Life

The pro-aborts often complain about pro-life doctors who do their best trying to encourage women to keep their babies. But what about a pro-abort doctor who just won't stop trying to convince a woman to have an abortion?
After she rushed to the hospital, a team of the best doctors told her there was no hope for her child. No baby had ever survived with such little amniotic liquid at such an early point in the pregnancy, they told her.

They insisted that she abort.

"I asked, 'Is the child alive?' They said, "Yes, he's still alive, but not for long.' I said, 'Look. I don't agree with the abortion.'"

The doctors recognized they could not talk Irina into the abortion, so they gave her papers to sign in which she agreed to legally accept the risks for her child. Then a doctor handed her a pill, which he said would help her to relax.
When Monica, who has training as a nurse, learned the pill was called Cytotec, she said, "Do not take this pill because it's going to induce the labor and provoke uterine rupture and severe hemorrhage."
So, what happens to "her body, her choice" then? (Not to mention the baby's body of course.)

Ok, one could claim that the doctor was just too worried about Irina, so he kept repeating his recommendations, insisting on the treatment which he believed was necessary. But what do you call an abortifacient pill disguised as a sedative? How is that for "woman's choice", let alone, an informed one?

No wonder there's so much opposition to the bill against coerced abortions...

Update: And here's one of so many related stories; this one doesn't involve doctors, but it clearly shows what kind of "choice" abortion really is:
I approached a young couple just as they were nearing the door of 65 Bank. The young woman looked back at me intently, but before she had a chance to take a brochure or say anything, the man she was with just yanked her into the building as if trying to prevent her from speaking to me. The new sidewalk counsellor and I were aghast. Clearly, this young woman had the intention to speak to me, but that “choice” was taken away from her. I wonder how many other “choices” she was prevented to make in the days and weeks leading to this appointment.
Yeah, we are the "anti-choice" ones, right... Coerced abortions take place all over the world and, unfortunately, Canada is not an exception.

The very least we can do is contact our MPs, encouraging them to support Roxanne's law. It's still not too late to do so.

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Anonymous said...

Funny how the children do not get a say in this.