Saturday, December 11, 2010

Too Many Immigrants, Too Few Want To Fit In

Something is definitely wrong with our immigrant selection system if not only half of the country believes there are too many immigrants, but even among those born outside of Canada, 2/3 believe that newcomers don't want to fit in.
The poll by Ottawa's Abacus Data found that 49% of Canadians think there are too many immigrants coming to Canada each year, compared to 32% who think we hit the right number annually, 7% who think there are too few and 13% who don’t know.

When asked if Canada should increase or decrease the number of immigrants each year, 50% said decrease while only 8% said increase.
The Abacus poll also showed that Canadians have strong opinions on the question of integrating immigrants. A majority of those born in Canada (71%) and those born outside of the country (65%) agree with the statement: “Too many recent immigrants don’t want to fit into Canadian society.”

"One reason Canadians want fewer immigrants entering Canada is a perception that immigrants don't want to fit in. These attitudes extend to those born in and outside of Canada and are consistent across the country,” said Coletto.
It's not a perception, it's a known fact. People who've gone through the immigration system are well aware of the agencies that can easily supply you with fake diplomas and job references, who can vouch for you in front of an immigration officer and who can provide you with fictitious Canadian address for the time you're away - so that your absence doesn't disqualify you from getting the citizenship.

They've also seen more than enough of those those who've been here for a decade or two, but who've spent all that time voluntarily isolated in an ethnic community, who don't speak English and who couldn't care less about the country they live in and the people who let them come to their country. (Unless, of course, these people, for one reason or another, dare to deny them social assistance or their passport of convenience...)

Long story short - immigrants too, notice how twisted the immigration system has become in the past 10-15 years, what kind of people it lets in and what kind of people it leaves behind. And, if the government follows through with its plan to "change the mix... with a greater emphasis on family class immigrants rather than skilled workers", then someone who arranges a phony marriage through his community will have even more advantage over a skilled professional who wishes to come here honestly and become Canadian, not some hyphenated Canadian.

So, this has nothing to do with weaker economy or fewer job prospects. People just want Canada to remain Canada, instead of becoming a clone of some other country - be that the country they (or their parents) left behind or the country they've never been to. After all - if people have been leaving those countries and choosing Canada, doesn't that mean that Canada, as it's been so far - is better, and that we better keep Canada the way it's always been? And before you tell me that "Canada was built by immigrants" - let me remind you that those were self-sufficient immigrants who assimilated.

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