Tuesday, January 18, 2011

"Human Rights" Jackboots Defy Court Of Law

The court of law has dismissed the charges - so what? The Orwellian tribunal convicts the defendant anyway. It doesn't matter that the defendant was provoked by the plaintiffs who had nearly run over his child (in a situation like that, the reckless driver better be happy to get away with mere insults). Also, it doesn't matter that the couple has been a menace on the community, pursuing lawsuits and complaints against neighbors whom they believe have looked at them the wrong way (that reminds us of someone, doesn't it?) For the quasi-judiciary tribunal, hurt feelings of a member of a designated victim group - that's all that matters.
Lusk, a retired lieutenant colonel in the Canadian military, was acquitted of charges of “homophobic comments,” death threats and threatening assault in a provincial court over the incident involving the two homosexuals who were alleged to have driven recklessly down their street, endangering the lives of children, including Mr. Lusk’s son, who were playing road hockey.

A witness of the incident testified at the court of law hearing that Thibault had run a stop sign and almost hit one of the children. The same witness testified that in an earlier incident Thibault had run over a tennis ball with which the children were playing road hockey.

Mr. Lusk maintained at the hearing in 2006 that when he was informed of the incident he went to speak with his neighbors but denied uttering death threats or threatening assault.
The National Post, however, reported that the homosexual couple was recently required to provide a written apology to another neighbor stating their complaints were “baseless,” after that neighbor, who they had accused of “homophobic” harassment, was acquitted in a court of law.

Mr. Lusk’s lawyer, Stephen Angers, questioned the tribunal’s ruling, wondering how a human rights tribunal can ignore the ruling of a court of law and stating that they appear to be “in another world.”

“It makes no sense that Mr. Lusk could be acquitted in a Quebec court and then found liable for moral and punitive damages in front of a human rights tribunal,” Mr. Angers said according to the National Post. “These tribunals are just in another world.”
Yet another human rights abuse done by an unelected, unaccountable, extra-judiciary body that has "human rights" in its name. Yet another reason why these freedom-snatching tribunals should be abolished.

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Osumashi Kinyobe said...

This is Canada. That's why none of this surprises me. Sickens me, yes, surprises me, no.