Wednesday, January 19, 2011

If Only They Cared That Much About Canadians...

Religious leaders, including Catholic bishops, have expressed their concerns about the proposed measures to crack down on illegitimate refugees.
Late last year the bishops – along with leaders of the United Church, the Anglican Church, the Christian Reformed Church in North America, the Evangelical Lutheran Church and the Council of the Muslim Community – complained that the Tories’ planned law would deny the rights of refugee claimants. The legislation proposes to build detention centres where claimants could be housed for as long as a year without a hearing. It would permit them to be detained for longer than 12 months, so long as they get a chance to plead their case for release before a refugee panel.
What about Linda Gibbons who's been detained for two years without trial for merely praying outside of an abortion mill? How come the bishops haven't said a word about her fate? Where's an open letter from the leading clergymen expressing their concerns about the blatant violation of Linda's rights? Or, maybe they consider Linda's actions to be a greater crime than making a deal with human traffickers and sneaking into Canada in defiance of all laws?

How about other human rights abuses? When was the last time a high-profile clergyman spoke out against the abuse of power and the perversion of justice done by the "human rights" commissions? How come they fight so fiercely for the rights of those who've been denied freedoms in their home countries, but fail to notice that Canadian citizens on Canadian soil are being denied such fundamental freedoms as the freedom of speech and the right to a fair trial? Before positioning ourselves as defenders of human rights on the world stage, shouldn't we clean up our own house? So why practically not one of them bothers to notice that?

Then - what about those 100,000 or so babies a year, all of them - would be Canadian citizens, that get slaughtered before they get a chance to see daylight? The law generously offers citizenship to anyone who was lucky to take his first breath on Canadian soil (regardless of whether or not his parents are here legally,) but denies not just citizenship but even personhood to babies that are weeks (days, hours, minutes) away from their first breath. Where's the clergy? Where are the bishops? Where are other religious leaders? Sure there is a handful of them that dare to speak up, but what about the rest?!

Finally - let's look at the proposed measures, maybe they're not as inhumane as the bishops and other signatories claim:
The bill would increase the penalties on those – such as refugee-boat captains – who smuggle in illegitimate refugees. And it would greatly reduce the number and length of appeals allowed claimants whose initial applications are rejected. Currently, it can take as long as 12 years and as many as nine appeals before unsuccessful refugee claimants may be deported.

Perhaps the most controversial provision is the one permitting the Immigration department to review even a successful refugee’s case again five years after his grant of refugee status. For their first five years in Canada, successful claimants – those who a refugee determination board decide have legitimate claims for asylum – could be denied permanent residence status. The logic behind this is that the conditions that force people to flee for their lives often change; the threats that make people leave their homelands sometimes disappear.
There is justification for this. Recall the way Lebanese with Canadians passports demanded rescue by Canadians at Canadian expense in 2006 when fighting broke out in southern Lebanon between Israel and Hezbollah. Most of these Lebanese were only nominally Canadian citizens. They had fled here in the 1980s and 1990s during Lebanon’s civil war, been given citizenship, then scurried back to Lebanon the moment hostilities eased. For a decade or more they had been living back in Lebanon. They were Canadians of convenience.
To that I may add that if a refugee, who sought asylum from sharia law in his home country, wishes to establish the very same sharia law here in Canada, his case better be reopened and his claim better be investigated for fraud. I can understand why the "council of the Muslim community" opposes the changes, but it's a pity that the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops goes along with this phony "social justice" crowd, while turning a blind eye on real human rights abuses that take place here in Canada. It's time they realize that CCCB and CCCP don't come from the same root.

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