Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Bill C-389 Will Lessen Equality

When some are more equal than others (by Brian Lilley):
In fact Bill C-389 will lessen equality. I’ve spoken against this bill before and reprint my column from November below to do so again.

C-389 is about adding transgendered to the list of protected groups. This is wrong.

We should have no protected groups. Either we believe in equality or we don’t.
In 2008, the Liberals promised in their campaign platform, “an amendment to the Criminal Code to include ‘gender’ in the hate propaganda provisions to help end societal acceptance for those who would incite hatred against women.”

It was revealed this past summer that the federal government was setting aside jobs for certain groups.

Some jobs were only open to aboriginals, some only to visible minorities, and some to women or the disabled. The government reviewed the process and declared while preference could be given to the protected groups no one should be denied the chance to apply for a job based on their race or gender.

Hiring, the government said, should be based on merit.

For some reason, the government has been accused of racism for advocating that everyone should be treated the same.
Common sense? Try explaining that not just to the lefties in the opposition, but even to some that turned out to be way too "progressive" Conservatives. Shelly Glover, Gerald Keddy, Lisa Raitt, Lawrence Cannon, John Baird, James Moore - here are those social perverts on the Conservative ranks, for whom homosexualist ideology matters more than the rights of ordinary Canadians, their security and their privacy.

Now, we can only hope that the bill gets stuck in the Senate until the next election is called. Considering that on the same sitting the three opposition parties voted with the Liberals against the upcoming business tax reductions (those scheduled to take effect next year,) this may not be too difficult a task.

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