Thursday, February 10, 2011

Sharia - A Blessing?!

It would be funny if the guy who suggested that didn't have a Canadian passport:
"If sharia law becomes the order of the day, Canada will be truly blessed"
Those exact words just came out of the mouth of Imam Steve Rockwell on AM640. The imam was arguing in favour of "multiculturalism" (the Trojan horse that abets the sharia agenda he articulated above).
Truly blessed? Are you sure? Blazing Cat Fur has a few examples on what kind of a blessing it is. Obviously, it's a blessing we can do without. After all - if a country under "sharia" is "truly blessed" - how come millions of Muslims every year flee these countries and seek asylum in the Western world? How come all those people fail to understand how "blessed" their home countries are? There's something fishy about the way these guys see blessing. Or paradise...
A Muslim guy exploded himself in a crowded place. Proud of himself, he appeared at the Pearly Gates and demanded his 72 virgins. Immediately, he was escorted to a comfortable cabin where he found the virgins waiting. He didn't have any problems with the first one. After the second one he felt a little tired. With the third virgin, it was more pain than pleasure. The fourth left him completely exhausted. Then came the fifth - if he hadn't been dead already, that would have killed then. And then, as soon as he was done with the fifth virgin, came the sixth one...

With his last strength, he stormed out of the cabin and appealed to the creatures outside to stop the ordeal.

"What's wrong?" they asked him. "You've got everything you asked for. Here are your 72 virgins, just the way the koran promised. Didn't you want them so bad that you went as far as killing yourself among with a dozen of innocent by-standers to get them?"

"Yes, but I can't handle them all at once" the guy cried.

"Well, you gonna have to" they replied. "You've got 67 virgins that you haven't even touched, and the first five - they're back at the end of the queue, waiting their turn..."

"What?!" the guy exclaimed. "If that's what Muslim heaven is like, then I'd rather go to Christian hell!"

"Well, where do you think you've been so far?"
It's a joke, but just like every joke, it has a grain of truth. What radical Muslims promote as the only true way of life brings nothing but tyranny, poverty and devastation. What they call paradise on earth tends to look more like a living hell. The "sharia" blessing is nothing but a curse.

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