Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Freedom-Snatching Committees: Obey Or Lose Your House

That the so called "human rights" tribunal has ordered an employer to pay a whiny employee $36,000 in damages for mere hurt feelings is not surprising. (Neither is the fact that a complaint filed by an upset Muslim was apparently processed by another Muslim, who, for obvious reasons, could not be impartial in such a case.) What's most outrageous is that in their attempt to make an example of someone they consider to be an intolerant bigot, these "human rights" jackboots can easily go as far as seizing his personal assets including his home:
After HRTO adjudicator Faisal Bhabha ordered Telfer to pay for lost wages and general damages, lawyers with the Human Rights Legal Support Centre had obtained a “writ of seizure” ordering the sheriff to sell Telfer’s Mississauga home to enforce the payment.

“The only reason they backed off, is because we got this judicial review and we convinced them to wait until the hearing was over before they tried to seize their house and sell it with the sheriff,” said Telfer’s lawyer Ted Charney, according to the Star.
“Overturning the tribunal’s order isn’t enough. The tribunal itself should be disbanded,” Levant told LSN.
What he said.

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