Thursday, February 3, 2011

If Bell ExpressVu Drops EWTN...

...Maybe it's the time for concerned viewers to drop Bell ExpressVu?

The biggest problem, as I understand, is not the lack of other providers, (you can use this channel finder page to check what other providers offer EWTN in your area,) but that there are often long-term service contracts involved and the penalties are quite hefty. I wonder if it makes sense to consider a class action suit against Bell ExpressVU in such cases; after all, if they lure people into long-term contracts promising certain channels and then refuse to carry these channels - then it's nothing but a breach of promise.

Meanwhile - I'd suggest you check out the alternative providers. Some of them may have a nice promotion for those switching from Bell that may actually save you some money on the long run.


JP said...

I've linked back to your blog for this article.

Unfortunately, my postal code does not register with EWTN.

I can only get it here by live-streaming or shortwave

Leonard said...

Thank you for the link :)

Myself I don't watch TV that much so I didn't even bother with cable or satellite. But for many families that enjoy watching TV together, losing EWTN on the wide screen will be a disappointment.

J.C. said...

I am so sorry to lose this channel and in addition Salt & light was not available either tonight (February 27th) Only the Miracle Network was on with an Evangelist. I resent being told what I can watch and not watch. I have dropped Bell from one part of my life and I will not continue to do so. By the way when you put in your postal code put do not put in any spaces then it will work.