Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Is Multi-Cult Going Out Of Fashion?

I guess it would be way too optimistic to assert that the world is saying no to multiculturalism, as Werner Patels suggests in his blog post, but the fact that more heads of state begin questioning multi-cult is definitely - a positive development:
We all want to see successful immigrants, that is, those who learn the language of the land, obey local laws and manage to fit in. Those are the ones that the host country, such as Canada, can benefit from – and quite handsomely, too, because they’re the ones who tend to go much further than native-born Canadians, because they’re more motivated, more driven, and often also more resourceful (just take someone like Frank Stronach as an example).

But the kind of multiculturalism, cooked up and imposed on Canada by Pierre Trudeau, in a self-hating attempt to wipe out the francophone identity of this country, has caused Canada nothing but trouble … and lots of tax dollars.

There’s nothing wrong with the American “melting pot”, which requires the full integration and assimilation of newcomers. In fact, it’s the only way to ensure the success of immigrants. Anything else will only result in ethnic ghettos, crime and tons of social friction.
That's common sense, isn't it? But there are way too many - politicians, public servants, community organizers, that are actually interested in more failed immigrants.

After all - if immigrants are successful - who is going to need professional defenders of their rights? If those admitted to Canada are skilled enough to easily integrate in the job market - who is going to need affirmative actions? If the whole industry of "multiculturalism" is scrapped, if there's no more need for specialists in organizing all sorts of "multicultural days" and whatever culture months, what's going to happen to tens of thousands of high paid nobodies that are incapable of doing any productive work? Not to mention all the government funding (some $10Billion or so) that they'll lose. That's why we have so many of them trying to suppress the reasonable debate by portraying those who oppose multi-cult as racists.

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Osumashi Kinyobe said...

How many Canadians are there?
Trudeau-style multiculturalism has dispensed with national identity and having newcomers merge into the country to become one people. It was designed to be divisive.
As you say, if immigrants are more successful, driven, ect., they do not need protection or privileges.