Monday, March 28, 2011

Abortion: Still #1 Cause Of Death In Canada

H/t Island Breezes:

On Jan. 29, the National Post ran a full-page feature article on the causes of death in Canada. Most of it was a graphic presentation, using proportionate-sized circles, showing how people died in 1967 and 2007. The National Post article stated, “Death is life’s one and only inevitable event, and it comes in many ways – officially, there are 999 causes.” However, as Interim reader and advertiser, Cambridge lawyer Paul Vandervet wrote to them in an unpublished letter to the editor, it did not include abortions. So there are 1,000 ways to die and the illustration and story did not include the number one cause of death: abortion.
Meanwhile, as the election campaign goes on, we once again have a choice between the Prime Minister who wants to avoid the abortion debate by any means possible and the opposition that regards unrestricted abortion as a "human right", that voted to reaffirm their support for the wholesale slaughter of innocent unborn babies as recently as a year ago and that is led by a party whose (luckily former) leader proposed to enshrine unrestricted abortion in the Charter. It's a nasty choice and the situation isn't going to get any better unless we work hard to turn the tide.

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