Sunday, March 27, 2011

Early Election - An Opportunity Missed

The UK is going to have a referendum on voting reform coinciding with local elections. We could have had a referendum on directly elected Senate; in the worst case, we could have both questions (whether the Senate should be elected and whether it should be abolished) put on the ballot. Well, it's too late for "could-have"s now.

As for the election itself - the best outcome in my opinion would be a Conservative minority with the CHP holding the balance of power. That is extremely unlikely to happen and definitely not because of the lack of momentum on the Conservative side. (Here's yet another missed opportunity.) So I hope for the second best outcome - which is the Conservative majority. Darn, these lacking 10-11 seats have cost Canada some $10B each. It would be great however if the CHP could still elect at least 1 candidate for a change. After all, the Conservatives do need someone to remind them their traditional voting base should not be taken for granted.

P.S. Here's an interesting video on Michael Ignatieff: Does he truly come from a family of penniless working class immigrants?
Well, if you look at it, £25,000 of the early 1920s may worth some $2M in today's money, but apparently it could still be referred to as "nothing in their pocket" compared to what Ignatieffs used to have back in tsarist Russia. I only have one question: if Ignatieff realizes that his family lost everything when the commies took over Russia in 1917, why does he promote creeping socialism so vigorously here in Canada?

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