Saturday, March 26, 2011

Say No To "Earth Hour"! Lights On Full Power!

Let's make it an hour without envirofascist nagging. Let's say no to all those who want us to sit in the darkness - be that for an hour or for the rest of our lives:
For those who aren't part of Generation X, Good is a Vancouver pop star, scheduled to come out with a new album later this month. But Monday on his Facebook page, he made a stunning announcement: He is against electricity.
"The world functioned prior to the advent of power," he announced. "In fact, it did so incredibly well for millennia."
Good's website's home page is a gorgeous photo of a concert stage -- bathed in dazzling spotlights. His blog details the dozens of cities he has travelled to for concerts. The man has the carbon footprint of a small village. Yet he condemns electrical power.
Before electricity, mankind's state of affairs was bleak. Life expectancy 200 years ago was just 35. Good is 39 years old and should think about that.

Life wasn't just shorter. It was brutal, and grindingly poor. It's not hard to imagine. Just look at those parts of the world today without power -- over a billion people have to cook their dinners on an open flame. There's not a lot of room for pop music in the world's most excruciatingly poor countries. They're too busy trying to survive.
No wonder those eco crooks are so eager to indoctrinate toddlers with their ideology. Anyone who is capable of thinking for himself will notice the inconsistency and outright falsehood in what these treehuggers preach. So, instead of sitting in the darkness and worshiping gaia, let's turn on all the lights and celebrate freedom.

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