Monday, March 14, 2011

Baby Joseph Transferred To U.S. Hospital

He may not have much time to live, but at least he won't be pulled off life support by hospital officials who believed that their diagnosis should have been the final one; who not only refused to help the baby, but fiercely opposed any attempts to have the baby transferred to a hospital where help could be offered:
Since October, Joseph has been battling a severe neurological condition. Doctors at the Ontario hospital said the baby’s disease is fatal and decided to remove his breathing tube.

The baby’s parents, however, have said removing the tube would cause him to choke and die violently. They’ve said they want Joseph to receive a tracheotomy, which would open his airway and allow him to die at home.

On Sunday, after a compromise was seemingly reached, the baby was flown to the U.S. hospital.

“Our physicians are examining Joseph to determine the best course of action,” Bob Davidson, a spokesman with the U.S. facility, said in an emailed statement.

However, with news that the child was in hospital south of the border came a continuing wave of commentary from outspoken anti-euthanasia advocates —an especially strong political force in the U.S. — including a foundation named after Terri Schiavo, which lauded the baby’s “rescue” from Canada.
“Baby Joseph was hours from being pulled off life support at (the Ontario hospital) before his situation made national headlines, forcing the hospital to cease its efforts to end the baby’s life.”
It's a shame that the baby actually had to be rescued (literally - rescued) from the Ontario hospital so that he gets a chance to live whatever little time he has left. Whoever made the decision that baby Joseph's life is not worthy of living, brought shame not just upon his hospital, but upon all of Canada.

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