Saturday, March 5, 2011

A Conservative Student Newspaper?

It's about time:
Conservative students and groups often complain about being treated inequitably on campus, or feeling like they are all alone in their convictions. The Prince Arthur Herald, Canada's only center-right national student newspaper, aims to change that by giving conservative students a voice and community that will respect their opinions and stand up for their rights, along with the rights of all Canadians.

Started by a group of predominately McGill students, The PAH in less than two months of operation has received tens of thousands of hits from across Canada. As a result, the editors have decided that a nationally-read newspaper deserves to be written by students from across the nation.
Hopefully, eventually we'll have a printed version of The Prince Arthur Herald. As for those of us that are not students - Ezra Levant is going to have a daily show on the Sun News Network.

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