Sunday, March 6, 2011

Two Unborn Babies Testify In Legislature

They can't speak - but thanks to the ultrasound, they can be seen. They voices can't be heard - but it is actually possible to hear the sound of their beating hearts:
The lobbying effort to end abortion in the United States moved into strange new territory Wednesday as two fetuses were presented via ultrasound to a packed committee room of the Ohio state legislature.

Two women were laid out six metres away from state legislators while a technician used a probe to show images of each woman’s fetus on a portable screen.

A heart monitor was used to project the sound of the beating heart of each fetus, nine and 15 weeks respectively.
And yet the pro-aborts keep insisting that "this is not the kind of information that women need to decide whether they are going to get an abortion". So what kind of information they believe a woman needs to make a decision? Must be something similar to what was presented to Miramichi teens under the guise of "sex education" - that abortion is available in the major city and that "it takes five minutes and then you go home fine". That it stops a beating heart, that it kills a baby - who cares?...

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