Monday, April 18, 2011

Ezra Levant's "Opening Rant" On SunTV

Too bad I can't embed Ezra Levant's presentation. Just follow this link to hear it in full. Meanwhile here's just one quote:
When someone is threatening you for speaking your mind we'll be there to help you fight the battle for freedom
This is Sun News Network. Not a "Fox News North", but a made in Canada independent television network, determined to break the monopoly of the club of think-alikes, otherwise known as the Canadian mainstream media.

P.S. Here's one of their first reports - Fixing Canada's Broken Healthcare System. Something you won't find on the CBC.


Trestin said...

This is a great development. The key to long term success will be undoing the decades of propaganda. I hope it's a success.

piper said...

- was going to attempt a comment to some of your materials but could not get past you calling yourself Don Quixote.
-read the book first tine at about ten or so, re-read it many times since. I think, to begin with, you got the windmills backward. No offense, but perhaps you need someone (possibly less like minded) to help you re-interpret the book.