Sunday, April 17, 2011

Liberal Agenda: Control What You Can't Shut Down

During the debates, Ignatieff accused the Conservatives of trying to shut down everything they can't control. Well, here's an example of just the opposite - how the Liberals try to control everything they can't shut down. And, unlike Ignatieff's accusations, we're not talking about mere withholding of public funds to a supposedly charitable organization. We're talking about the situation when Ontario Liberals can't officially dismantle the province's Catholic education system - so they chose to take it under full control, devoiding it of its Christian values, leaving nothing but name only of its Catholic identity:
The Code covers 15 grounds including “systemic discrim­ination for gender issues” (p. 6). With the full approval of the then-Minister of Education, self-confessed lesbian Kathleen Wynne, schools and education are now OHRC’s main field: it oversees the complaints, initiates discipline, and controls the collection of data. It covers everything in schools: policies, leadership, relationships, religion, discrimination, account­ability, transparency, etc. (p. 9).

The document makes clear that “The Code has primacy over the Education Act,” (page 11).

Nota bene: This is important. The Education Act ac­knowledges the public school and Catholic and French school systems in Ontario as autonomous systems with their own authorities. This Act was again approved and constitutionally guaranteed in 1982 when Canada’s BNA Act was repatriated from Britain.
Well, if it was possible for the Liberals and their allies on the left to elevate those "human rights" commissions above our constitutional rights - elevating Orwellian tribunals above the Constitution itself is just the next logical step in achieving their goal of controlling everything they can't shut down.

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