Saturday, April 16, 2011

40 Days For Life Vigil - Lives Are Being Saved

According to the 40 Days for Life website - 432 babies that we know of:
On another day recently, two volunteers were praying when a woman in her mid-20s walked out of the abortion center — in tears.

She walked over to the people praying and said, “Don’t worry. I didn’t get an abortion.”


A couple was seated in the front, and their children were in the back. The mother spoke to the prayer volunteers in a somewhat abrupt manner. “I’m pro-choice,” she said. “Why should I be pro-life?”

The vigil participants answered, covering many points. But the woman didn’t seem convinced.

So the vigil coordinator asked her, “May I pray with you?” She answered “yes,” and they prayed.

One of the others then offered the woman information about the local pregnancy resource center, which she took.

The prayers must have had an effect.

“Choice might be fine for someone else,” the woman said. “But I’m keeping my baby.”
These are the most recent reports. The Lenten 40 Days for Life vigil ends tomorrow, but the message we send as well as our prayers, are here to stay:
May I also let you know some good news I have just received. It appears the number of abortions at both Chaleur Hospital and the Georges Dumont are signficantly less in 2010-11 compared to 2009-10!!! I am waiting to confirm exact numbers but it looks like about 100 less for all hospitals. Maybe all the fuss some of us have made -with 40 Days for Life etc. - have borne fruit! Thanks be to God. Let us thank him for that, and ask him to help us save all the precious little ones.
(From New Brunswick Right to Life e-mail release.)
Obviously, we wouldn't dare to attribute this change in its entirety to our vigil. But if it turns out that there was at least one woman choosing life and at least one little New Brunswicker that was given a chance to see daylight thanks to our 40 Days for Life vigil, then our efforts last fall weren't in vain.

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