Friday, April 15, 2011

Green Party Leader - "Very Militant" In Promoting Abortion

Rebuking her own statement from five years ago (in which she tried to position herself as "personally opposed" to abortion, yet unwilling to take any steps to abolish it,) the Green party leader Elizabeth May reaffirmed her commitment to unrestricted abortion on demand:

April 15, 2011 ( - Canada’s Green Party leader Elizabeth May says she is “very militant” about promoting “access to legal, safe abortions, whenever a woman needs one.”

In an interview this week with the Georgia Straight, she said her views have been “massively misreported” since she made some confusing statements in 2006 suggesting she was “against abortion.” “Being misreported on it has driven me slightly mad,” she said.

When she made the comments, she was simply trying to tell some nuns “why their belief in right to life means that they should support abortion,” she explained.
So much about the politicians that are "personally against" whatever policy you can think of, yet have so little belief in their "personal" opposition, that, of course, they wouldn't dare to "force their beliefs on others" by voting against what they claim not to agree with.

Especially when it comes to the Green party of Canada. The one that has had the redefinition of marriage in its policy book since early 1990s - about which it was bragging so proudly back during the marriage debate. The one that was involved in numerous controversies concerning pro-population control candidates which referred to humanity as "cancer of the planet" and that still runs articles about how "we need to do something about population" right on its official website. Of course they have to support abortion - not so much as a personal choice, but as a backup plan in case birth control fails, as a mean to keep the population from growing. It's a part of their belief system.

Many voters see these green parties as protest political movements, led by environmentally conscious students and concerned citizens who love the planet. Unfortunately, very few are aware that the green vision of "loving the planet" often involves hating the people (born and preborn) who live on it.

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