Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pro-Life Students Demand Judicial Review

Carleton University pro-life club asks the court to judicially review student union's decisions and policies:
The clubs status was revoked after CUSA acted on sections 5 and 6 of their Discrimination on Campus Policy. Section 6 reads, “CUSA further affirms that actions such as any campaign, distribution, solicitation, lobbying effort, display, event etc. that seeks to limit or remove a woman’s right to choose her options in the case of pregnancy will not be supported. As such, no CUSA resources, space, recognition or funding will be allocated for the purpose of promoting these actions”.

This section is in direct contravention of CUSA’s Constitution, which declares that CUSA will “promote and assist in maintaining an academic environment free from prejudice, exploitation, abuse or violence on the basis of… political affiliation or belief” (Article 2.1.d).

Carleton Lifeline exhausted the internal appeal mechanisms, culminating in a challenge of the decision and policy in a hearing before the CUSA Constitutional Board. In a meeting that did not follow CUSA’s own protocol, and violated policies, the Constitutional Board unanimously ruled against Carleton Lifeline’s challenge. On December 16, 2010, the Constitutional Board ruled in favour of the policies and upheld the ban on pro-life groups on campus.
It's about time someone reminds those activist-run "student unions" that universities are not "Charter-free" zones and that union "anti-discrimination" policies can't override freedom of speech and freedom of association, let alone the right to a fair trial. But will the judges be willing to look at the case impartially and to find enough will to hold those Komsomol-like organizations to account?

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