Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Get Rid Of Destructive Human Rights Commissions

Kathy Shaidle on yet another act of power abuse by the freedom-snatching "human rights" commissions. Note that this time the victim is not a Conservative journalist or a pro-family preacher. He is a stand-up comedian:
Did you hear the one about the country that fined a stand-up comic $15,000 for heckling back at a heckler?

Where? North Korea? One of the "dumber" regions of the U.S.?

No and no. The answer is: Canada.

On April 21, a verdict came down in a human rights tribunal case dating back to 2007. That was when Guy Earle, a stand-up comic, got into an altercation with a couple who’d dropped in on his open mike night.
And, as if the fine was not enough the Orwellian tribunal slapped Guy with a life-time ban from performing in BC. All in the name of tolerance, multiculturalism and human rights, of course... Heck, these kangaroo courts make McCarthyism look like a Teddy Bears' picnic.


Trestin said...

They are worse than children Even children understand sticks and stones.

Osumashi Kinyobe said...

How beyond absurd is it that hurt feelings are met with state-sponsored ultra-apron strings?

We should be ashamed of ourselves. Western civilisation is so much better than this. At least it was.