Monday, April 25, 2011

Layton-Led Coalition?! Lord Have Mercy On Us All...

With the NDP surging in the polls and the Conservatives stuck in mid-30s - that's what EKOS projects:
While numbers could still change significantly in the final week of the campaign, Graves said current figures suggest the NDP could take a “breathtaking” 100 seats. With that count, the once-unthinkable scenario of a Layton-led coalition with the Liberals begins to emerge, he said.

“It’s hard to imagine a 130-seat diminished Harper government would be able to hold on to power against a clear majority of seats and a major advantage in popular support for the NDP and the Liberals,” Graves said. “The idea that you could have a Jack Layton-led coalition sounds preposterous, but that’s what the numbers suggest.”

Current numbers would likely produce 131 seats for the Conservatives and about 69 for the Liberals, according to Graves. Together, the NDP and Liberals would have a clear majority with 38 more seats than the Conservatives, as well as a collective 20 more points in popular vote.
I still remember what Ontario looked like after 5 years of Bob Rae's NDP rule. If the NDP seizes power on the Federal level, things will be much, much worse.

With the Snake Oil Jack in charge, say goodbye to your rights and freedoms - Mr Layton and the NDP see nothing wrong with the freedom-snatching "human rights" commissions taking away our freedom of speech as well as our right to a fair trial. Here in New Brunswick, we'll be forced to fund private clinic abortions on demand with our tax money; maybe they'll even succeed in enshrining abortion into the Charter. That was Paul Martin's idea, but the NDP is far more pro-abortion than Paul Martin's Liberals. (P.S. The ill-famous injunction that prohibits peaceful pro-life witnessing near abortion mills - that was brought in by the Ontario NDP government.)

Equality? They like that word. Back in early 1990s, when Bob Rae government made ethnic quotas mandatory, "whites need not apply" became the official hiring policy in Ontario. With the Federal NDP in charge, expect the "no whites and cockroaches allowed" footnote to appear on every help wanted ad from coast to coast. Considering that the NDP also proposes to boost business taxes - with the predictable effect on real (private sector) jobs - of course they'll have to hold those few that will have left for the special interest groups.

If you are upset about deficits - brace yourself for plenty more of them. In spite of all the tax hikes they propose, Layton and his team plan to return to balanced budgets no earlier than 2015/16 - 2 years later than the Conservatives. And, of course, they won't forget about "Canada's role in the world", by which they mean siphoning money from the taxpayers to their friends in the "Socialist International".

The private member bill C-311, to force the protocols of the elders of Kyoto on Canada, came from the NDP. And there was another bill, C-389, that would enshrine one's perverse desire to use the opposite sex dressing rooms as a fundamental human right. And they also want a mammoth state-run union-controlled McDaycare network, where they and all their supporters and think-alikes will have unrestricted power to indoctrinate our children into their values. Heck if these folks ever seize power - it will be even worse than president O$@ma south of the border.

The only hope is that all those speculations about coalition (especially - the one led by the NDP) will send a wake-up call to all those Conservatives that have decided that Harper is not Conservative enough for them; to all those right-wing voters that plan to cast a protest vote or not to vote at all. Hopefully, they realize what's at stake and get out and vote. The best protest vote we can cast this election - is a protest vote against the radical leftist coalition.

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