Sunday, April 10, 2011

The Greatest Profession On Earth

The feminists hate it, just as they hate everything associated with it, including family-friendly tax breaks (which they regard as "a burden"). Real women however, think otherwise:
CINCINNATI, Ohio, April 4, 2011 ( – Not only do these six moms have 44 children between them, they are beautiful, vibrant, hardworking women on a mission to spread the beauty of what they deem “the greatest profession on earth”: motherhood.

Brought together by dynamic pro-life leader and mother of nine, Jenn Giroux, these six women began traveling the United States in February 2010, calling their presentation “Speaking of Motherhood.” They witness to women on college campuses, at women’s conferences, and even in high schools, presenting a “counter-cultural” view of motherhood.

Founder and former executive director of Human Life International America and founder of the Association of Large Families (AFLA), registered nurse Jenn Giroux holds an array of titles, but looks on her motherhood as the crowning achievement. Known for her speaking and writing on the spiritual and physical harms of contraception, Giroux’s plan for “Speaking of Motherhood” developed out of her public speaking.

“There is a huge need out there for us to show the positive side of motherhood and to once again elevate motherhood to the respect that it deserves,” Giroux said in a telephone interview with while traveling with her five companions to a speaking engagement. ”It is the greatest profession on earth for women and it has really been completely denigrated by the feminist movement.”
But those mothers have a tremendous advantage over their opponents: unlike the feminist ideology (that can't last without doublethink,) family values and motherhood make the most sense.
Feminists are locked in a pre-1970s time warp, in which all women who stay at home are victims of someone else’s choice. The “problem” with family taxation isn’t that it “bribes” women to stay home. The problem, as Professor Lahey perhaps privately admits to herself, is that many women are only too thrilled to take some time off from paying work to raise their children, provided that option is economically realistic. Her problem is that the extra money (read freedom) provided by family taxation might mean “too many” women (as she, in her wisdom, defines it) make the “wrong” choice.
People being able to leave at their own free will - that's what every utopian leftie fears the most. That's what put an end to the socialist rule in the Eastern Europe in 1989 and that's what will eventually put an end to the leftist social engineering in the Western world. All it takes is enough people willing to make it happen. The hard work which Jenn Giroux and her friends do to defend motherhood and family values, is an important step in the right direction.

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It's interesting how backward the supposedly forward think feminists have become.