Monday, April 11, 2011

Ontario Catholic Schools Becoming A Tool Of The Gay Lobby

They were lured by the temptation of having all expenses paid. They traded values for job security. They chose conformity over resistance, comfort over struggle - and the results are obvious:
Daniel Costain says that after 13 years of Catholic education, he has never heard one of his teachers quote the catechism, and suggests that many teachers don't seem to know what their Church teaches on issues like homosexuality.
Instead, Catholic teachers' union is planning a $3M propaganda campaign against the Conservatives. The union executives literally snatch the money out of its members' pockets to defend the very same government that is staunchly anti-family, that forces its "equity policy" (which includes not just acceptance, but active celebration of abnormal behavior) on all schools including the Catholic ones, with no exceptions. (Ok, so the union big shots have long forgotten what the Catechism says about promiscuous and perverse relationships, but how about "Thou shall not steal"?!)

It became quite obvious that it would come to this some 10 years ago, when the courts used the "public funding" argument to force a Catholic school to let a perverse student bring his sexually deviant friend to the prom. But did anyone really expect the teachers, the school boards and all those other people in charge to contribute so actively to their own demise?


Trestin said...

20 years ago, I would have never imagined how powerful the gay agenda would become.

Catholic Dad said...

And since the Ontario bishops just asked Catholic high school to setup Gay anti-bullying clubs which, no doubt, will turn out to be just "Gay clubs", we might as well give up.

I've recently looked at the status of Catholic education across Canada and what really surprised be that places like your home province of NB without any "public" Catholic schools I found only one private Catholic school. What gives?

Leonard said...

Long story short - the school boards were merged in late 1960s and all public education was made "non-sectarian" by which the government meant - secular. Now, we have a handful of volunteers trying to start Catholic schools from scratch. (There's one in St.John and one in Fredericton; here in Moncton, we have a few homeschooling Catholic families.)

Catholic Dad said...

I read the history but I would expect that in last 40+ years more private Catholic schools would be established. I was always saying that abandoning public-Catholic schools in Ontario would help create really Catholic private school. Now I am not so sure.

Yes, homeschooling is the best option but sometime there are good reason not to home school. In our case - ESL - I would prefer my children to be fluent in English :-)

Leonard said...

Apparently, back then, Catholic parents could still rely on public schools to teach the academic subjects, leaving the religious upbringing to the Catechism classes. Even now, when the public school system is morally bankrupt to say the least, there are still many who believe that education is solely the government responsibility.

So the question is how bad the things should become before the people agree to let go of the state-offered freebies and to make personal sacrifices such as paying private school tuition or taking a day off work once in two-three weeks to teach at a volunteer-run school. Apparently such incidents as a bunch of 15 year-olds bussed to an obscene "sex ed" presentation or a "progressive" "green internationalist" principal banning O Canada are not bad enough for them.

The homeschooling movement is growing and I hope that eventually we'll see more homeschooling families teaming up to start their own volunteer-run schools - as they did in St. John and Fredericton.