Friday, May 13, 2011

Addressing Abortion. Follow-Up On The National March for Life

Just 4 years ago, the CBC reported about "1500 anti-abortion protesters" gathering at the Parliament hill where they were greeted by "a handful of MPs, mostly - Conservatives, none of them - in cabinet". (Just to remind you, the 2007 National March for Life attracted about 7,000 participants.)

Well, now the "consensus media" is being challenged by the Sun News Network, so we finally have a decent coverage of the March for Life and of the abortion issue itself.

OTTAWA - The majority of Canadians believe there should be some restrictions on abortion, according to a poll conducted ahead of Thursday afternoon's annual March for Life on Parliament Hill.

The results fly in the face of the political consensus in Canada in which all major party leaders at the federal and provincial levels are committed to the status quo.

In Canada, there is no law on abortion and the procedure is funded with tax dollars through the health system, another issue where the country differs from their political masters.
Abacus surveyed 1,007 adult Canadians on April 28 and 29. The poll found 59% of Canadians believe there should be some restrictions on abortion as pregnancy proceeds.

More than one quarter of Canadians, 27%, said that human life should be protected from conception onwards, 21% said there should be protection after three months of pregnancy and 11% after six months. Only 22% agreed with the status quo which is no legal protection until a child is born.
It's sure encouraging that this time we have at least one TV network that doesn't distance itself from the abortion debate. The article I quoted was first illustrated with a photo from the last year's March and I was delighted to see Sun News Network updating the picture just a couple hours after the 2011 March took place. While I haven't seen any reference to the actual number of participants (according to Life Site News and SoCon or Bust, there were over 15,000) - at least we have a TV network that doesn't try to downplay the numbers the way CBC does.

So, the abortion debate has hit the TV waves. What about the Parliament? We've heard Harper with his suggestion to change hearts rather than laws, but how can you change hearts if you are not allowed to tell the truth about what abortion truly is? Will Stephen Harper at least allow an exchange of opinions on the issue or will he keep worrying about those "hidden agenda" accusations?

As Harper could have learned from the recent debates, these accusations will follow him no matter how many times he commits to keep the status-quo. So he might as well stop kowtowing to the pro-aborts and bring the debate to the Parliament. There are more than enough pro-life measures that even some in the opposition could support - from gendercide abortions and the unborn victims of crime to the question of abortion funding. All it takes is just some courage and some leadership. And, of course, some respect to free speech.

P.S. Check out SoCon or Bust and the Life Site News for the extensive coverage of the March for Life in Ottawa. Here, in New Brunswick, we'll have our provincial March for Life next week, on Thursday, May 19.

Meanwhile, the 40 Days for Life Momentum webcast reports that 3 abortion facilities have recently closed their doors. Here's another great news right in time for the March for Life.

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