Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Geert Wilders: Islam's Most Outspoken Critic

Is there a difference between Islam and Islamism? Geert Wilders believe it's the same thing:
Geert Wilders' refusal to deploy those three letters is the reason that the 47-year-old Dutch politician travels with bodyguards, and cannot sleep in the same house two nights in a row. For Mr. Wilders, the problem plaguing Western societies is Islam, full stop. Terrorism, tyranny, the subjugation of women -these are not perversions of Islam, as he sees it, but rather its very essence.

"The word 'Islamism' suggests that there is a moderate Islam and a non-moderate Islam," he told me during an interview in Toronto on Sunday. "And I believe that this is a distinction that doesn't exist. It's like the Prime Minister of Turkey [Recep Tayyip] Erdogan said, 'There is no moderate or immoderate Islam. Islam is Islam, and that's it.' This is the Islam of the Koran."

"Now, you can certainly make a distinction among the people," he adds. "There are moderate Muslims -who are the majority in our Western societies -and non-moderate Muslims."

"But Islam itself has only one form. More >>>
Jonathan Kay is not the only one to find this somewhat controversial. Even Ezra Levant comes to the same conclusion as he interviews Geert Wilders on Sun News Network. While it's obvious that the challenges that Holland faces today are challenges that we will face tomorrow, Ezra says in his closing statement, that he can only go 80 or 90% of the way that Geert Wilders does. And yes, Geert's suggestions of forcing Muslim children into public education do sound awkward. After all - today it's the Muslim children and guess whose turn it will be tomorrow?

But meanwhile it's the Christian children that are being forced into state-run schools and even daycares. And so far, it's the islamists and their allies from the left that use nuisance law suits as way to intimidate outspoken people into silence, while taxpayer-funded institutions all of which should be dedicated to free speech, condemn, threaten or cancel events because they don't like the speakers. So, let's not be afraid of debating controversial subjects.

P.S. While the Blogger was down, Ezra Levant posted his full interview with Geert Wilders (and Brooke Goldstein). his full interview with Geert Wilders. Follow the link or just watch it on YouTube.

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