Friday, May 27, 2011

City Officials Break Into A House Ripping Out Staircase

It sounds weird, but, judging from the Sun News Network report, it actually happened to a home owner in Cambridge, ON. The city officials cited "health and safety concerns" to explain their actions, but it's hard to understand how removing the staircase (which, the city insisted, was "2 inches too narrow") and forcing the residents to use a wobbly ladder actually addresses safety concerns.

It's also hard to understand how exactly those missing 2 inches justifies breaking into a house without any arrest warrant or a court order or any other paper authorizing the home invasion. The city however was so confident of its righteousness that they even sent the home owner a bill. For $5800. For all the "hard word" they had to do. It's hard to believe that Sun Network News isn't making this up...

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