Thursday, May 26, 2011

When Will Christian Clubs Be Allowed To Have An Assembly?

Asks a school trustee who has realized that while all Canadians are equal, some happen to be more equal than others:
SARNIA – A short assembly hosted by the Gay Straight Alliance in a Chatham-area high school “crossed the line” and should only be allowed if other minority groups can do the same, says a trustee with the Lambton Kent District School Board.

David Goldsmith said he has no difficulty with any group promoting an understanding between itself and other students, but he wants other groups to have the same right.

“I’m sure it was in the interest of diversity,” Goldsmith said at a school board meeting held in Sarnia Tuesday. “So, in the interest of diversity, when will Christian clubs be allowed to have an assembly?” he asked.
"The impression I received is that they felt this group had stepped outside the parameters of the Education Act, which says no group can attempt to indoctrinate other students in a public school," he said.
I wonder if David Goldsmith has ever paid attention to the fact that T-shirts with anti-Christian slogans and images (those "bad religion", "down with the cross" or "Bible in the trash" T-shirts) are acceptable in most schools, while wearing a T-Shirt that says "be happy, not gay" may land one in trouble. And that's just one of many examples of the continuous marginalization of Christians in Canada. It's surprising that David Goldsmith only noticed it now.

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