Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Consensus Media Doesn't Like Being Challenged

Not so long ago, Bell dropped EWTN from its satellite network. Now, they're trying to gouge Sun News Network on carriage fees:
OTTAWA - The operators of Sun News Network filed a complaint Friday with Canada’s broadcast regulator against Bell Canada.

The complaint alleges Bell gave the all-news networks it owns — CTV News Channel, CP24, and Business News Network — “undue preference” and put the fledgling Sun News Network at “undue disadvantage” in their carriage fee disagreement.
The complaint filed with the CRTC says even though Sun News asked to be paid a carriage fee that is less than what Bell’s all-news outlets charge, Bell still considered the fee excessive.

“I don’t know how one can come up and say that what we’re asking for is excessive if it is below, for instance, CP24,” says Lavoie. “I am not criticizing the work that CP24 is doing, but it doesn’t have a fraction of the infrastructure that we have in place. It’s not at all the same level of services that are offered.”
And, here's another interesting report - by Ezra Levant, about how the mainstream media (or the "think-alike" media, to be precise) plays its own politics, runs its own election campaign with its own rules. As if we had a political party known as The Media Party:

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