Sunday, May 8, 2011

Socialists Want Full Control Over Education

It's obvious, that when the education is state-run and when the teachers have to be members of a union, there will be more than enough of them willing to put the union interests first. In light of the demise of the Catholic education system in Ontario, it's not surprising that, in addition to monopolizing their point of view on social issues and morality in public schools, socialists want to step up anti-capitalist indoctrination as well:
Saturday morning on May 7, the University of Toronto's Ontario Institute for Studies in Education (OISE) will play host to a teachers' conference aiming to "mobilize teachers to resist neo-liberalism."

A group that calls itself Educators for Peace and Justice is presenting a conference titled "The Sanctuary Schools Forum" which claims, "Our schools, and especially our students and their parents, are increasingly under attack.
In reality it's the parental rights that are under attack, as the governments step up efforts to ensure that no child escapes state-mandated indoctrination. It's not enough that Quebec's lecture in "isms" (aka "Ethics and Religious Culture") is obligatory to all children, regardless of the school they attend (if any); that parents who disagree have to go all the way to the Supreme Court. But the courts now have the right to force parents to bring their children back to public schools. Moreover - they can actually force children that are under the mandatory school age into a daycare. (That very same 50-cent-a-day state-run daycare, of course.)
This saga began late 2009 when this family was reported to Youth Protection Services, likely by their school board. They were first taken to court early in 2010. In a subsequent court appearance, their children were ordered to attend the local public school as a “temporary protection measure”. There followed multiple legal procedures and four days of trial, followed by a four-month wait for the judge’s decision, all of which took their toll on this family.

After refusing to hear our expert witness, as well as evidence on the value of homeschooling versus public school, the court ordered that the children attend the local public school. They went on to order that the younger children attend daycare, even though they are not yet of compulsory school age.
Again, no surprises here. Get them while they're young - it's a known marketing trick and quite an effective one too. As for the rights of the parents - heck, in just ten days we may actually find out that opting out from the state-imposed propaganda is no longer a right...

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Trestin said...

In the states they almost have complete control of public education. And our test score keep going down every year.