Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Attack On The Conservative Party Website - More Than "Just A Prank"

Apart from posting a fake news release about Stephen Harper, the hackers have apparently got a hold of some personal information of the Conservative party donors. Some of which they've already made public.
The group that claimed responsibility for Tuesday's hack of the Conservative Party of Canada's website claims it also gained access to the party's list of donors.

It posted a what it said is a partial list of donors online on Wednesday, including names and e-mail addresses, in hopes of contradicting the party's claims its databases were not accessed in the original hack.
Could it be that the hackers just didn't realize that they were breaching people's privacy? That they just couldn't foresee the consequences that their "prank" would bring to those people whose private information they made available for everyone to see? And could it be just a coincidence that this attack on the Conservative website and on the Conservative party donors took place just days after that publicity stunt pulled by a disloyal Senate page during the Throne Speech?

It looks like some on the radical left just can't cope with the fact that Stephen Harper has won, that he has won a majority, that they have no legal, democratic means to unseat the Conservative government before the next election - which won't happen until October 19, 2015... And they certainly don't have the patience to wait that long.

Unable and unwilling to achieve their goals using grassroots democracy, they act like a bunch of crybabies that are upset because things don't go their way. Disrupting the opening of the Parliament ceremony to get attention to their precious hurt feelings. Daydreaming about the Prime Minister they can't stand suddenly dying. Vandalizing a website that expresses ideas which they can't challenge in an open debate. And cowardly exposing people they disagree with if not to identity theft then to a flood of junk e-mails...

A bunch of spoiled privileged cowards - that's how Ezra Levant called them. The recent news which reveals that this cyber attack wasn't a mere prank, but a targeted attack which involved a serious violation of innocent people's privacy, only shows how right Ezra was.

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