Thursday, June 9, 2011

Unions In Canada - And Their Political Activism

The Canadian Union of Postal Workers don't want to deliver mail. They'd rather engage in extreme left-wing political activism - at their members' expense. Check out this video report by Brian Lilly. Yes, we all know what side the unions are on, but when all those odious organizations that the unions openly side with are being named, it becomes obvious that the situation is far worse than we think.

And the solution lays in reforming the labor code. It may sound surprising, but arm-twisting people into being union members is not so widespread a practice as most of us think it is. In fact, Canada appears to be the only developed country where no opt-out provisions exists, where someone who doesn't wish to become (or remain) a union member must forfeit the job opportunity and seek employment in a company that hasn't yet been overtaken by one of those all-pervasive "locals".

Hopefully, now, we can finally look forward for the things to change. And in the end, the union's extreme left political activism may fire back at them. The more radical anti-West, anti-Middle class, anti-Christian groups the unions side with, the more people will eventually welcome the bill that would lessen unions' grip on their members.


MystyMorningReflections said...

Unions are inherently non-Conservative because Conservatives are inherently anti-Union. It's very sad that SunNews can't seem to comprehend this simple fact.

Also, Unions are democratic in nature and all of the members get to vote for their union reps. The left of conservatism is a reflection of the will of the members.

It's sad that SunNews can't or won't understand this. Every worker in Canada has a better life because of the unions of Canada whether they belong to a union or not.

Unions don't decide how a union member votes in their internal elections nor in any other elections in Canada.

Leonard said...

Your claims about unions being "democratic in nature" would make sense if you could show me at least one union that didn't toe the pro-abortion, anti-family line. At least one that would at least be neutral on the subject... Is there one?

You say that unions are inherently non-Conservative because the Conservatives are anti-union. But unions are made of people - including those who vote Conservative. If what you say about the "reflection of the free will of the members" is true - how come those Conservatives can't get their voices heard?

Could it be that there are just no unions in which Conservative supporters (some 40% of the voters) would be numerous enough to elect non-socialist union leaders? Not even in those ridings where the Conservatives enjoy 60%+ supermajorities? Or could it be that the same Conservative voters choose out of free will to endorse the left-of-Conservatism stance of their union?

Here's an article that will shed some light on that question: We see that once union members do exercise their free will and elect a non-socialist, pro-life, pro-family executive, the national leadership quickly reminds them of what the unions really stand for. And I bet there were many others who naively believed that they could change unions to truly represent their members' best interests and were simply disqualified from running - either because their views were found to contradict the union's founding principles or under some other excuse.

Finally, when it comes to "unions don't decide how a member votes" - take a look at this story: Not only did the union snatch $60 from each of its members' pocket to fund their campaign against the provincial Conservatives, they also consider releasing those willing to take more active part in the campaign from their duties in the classrooms. Yeah, after all that, those who disagree, must really appreciate the opportunity to cast their ballot without the union representative watching them.

Finally, if unions were truly there to make life better for every worker in Canada - how come the membership is obligatory? Why can't they trust their members to decide for themselves whether or not the unions are there to make their life better? Do they really see their members as cattle that doesn't know what's good for them? Or maybe they realize that it's not about the interests of the ordinary workers, but about the union's political objectives?