Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Accommodation For Muslims But Not For Catholics

This is the new reality in Dalton McGuinty's Ontario. Catholic schools have no choice but to accept clubs that promote perverse lifestyle choices and at the same time, a regular, officially secular (or at least - non-sectarian) public school holds Muslim Friday prayers.
The school is 80%-90% Muslim, and parents wanted their children to be able to attend Friday prayers. Rather than have the majority of the student body troop off to the nearest mosque, disrupting classes and creating headaches, the principal agreed with parents to let them use the cafeteria.
Ok, but what about the schools that are if not 100% Catholic then, at least, were established so that Catholic parents could have their taxes directed towards Catholic education for their children? How come those are no longer entitled even to the basic level of accommodation that is guaranteed by the constitutional agreements?

And another interesting thought on the subject:
But then consider this. When a Surrey man made headlines by asking to have a Bible study at his son's public school, after school hours, without participation by staff, the blogosphere erupted with demands to keep our schools secular.

I trust they will be similarly up in arms about Friday prayers.
You wish! The only ones to complain were the Hindus, who have some concerns of their own about Muslim prayers. But don't expect much of an outcry from our home-grown Christophobic secularists. Somehow it seems that Muslim prayers don't inconvenience them at all. Apparently, they see is as a triumph of multiculturalism, rather than as a violation of the sacred principle of "separation of the Church and state".

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