Tuesday, July 5, 2011

"Dr" Morgentaler - Not Really An M.D.?

Here's a rather intriguing comment posted to one of the CHP press releases. Apparently, Canada's chief butcher, known everywhere as "doctor" Morgentaler is not really a doctor:
Since Henry Morgentaler arrived in Canada in February of 1950 and obtained his medical diploma at University of Montreal in 1953 one can easily calculate that in best case scenario Henry Morgentaler did three years of medical studies before he got his medical diploma. If we assume that Morgentaler started his studies at U of M in 1951, one year after his arrival in Canada, (more realistic scenario) that we could easily conclude that he has only two years of medical studies to his name, that is less training than it takes to become a butcher, see: http://www.tcu.gov.on.ca/eng/ojf/pdf/6251_e.pdf

Canadian authorities must have known about this for quite a long time and people in charge of protecting Canadian public from fraudsters disguised as medical doctors not only did nothing to strip Morgentaler of his medical diploma and mdical licence but they also helped him to legitimise his grisly trade.
If this is even remotely true, his credential are as deceitful as his cause. Hopefully this message gets noticed not just by the CHP, but also by some of the sitting MPs, especially those who form the pro-life caucus. Let them ask a few questions about Canada's chief abortionist's dubious credentials. And they better not forget to take a closer look at that dirty deal which got that butcher named for the nation's highest civilian honor, in spite of numerous violations of the protocol.


Suzanne said...

I wouldn't put a lot of stock in it. If I remember correctly, Morgentaler started his studies in Belgium and then moved to Montreal. If he wasn't studying medicine, what *was* he doing?

There's also the story of Morgentaler not being a Holocaust victim. Again: if he wasn't at Dachau, what *was* he doing?

Before we start throwing crazy accusations around, document them.

karol said...

You better check latest version of Morgentaler's biography published by Wikipedia, see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Morgentaler
There is no mention about any studies of medicine in Europe. prior to Henry Morgentaler's arrival in Canada in 1950. According to Wikipedia Morgentaler completed his medical studies in Canada in three years.

karol said...


Please visit Wikipedia at: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Henry_Morgentaler
and find any reference to Henry Morgentaler's alleged study of medicine in Germany or in Belgium prior to his arrival in Canada in 1950.
Henry Morgentaler's sister in law Henia Renihartz in her memoir "Bits and Pieces" (see:
http://www.azrielifoundation.org/docs/Books/Reinhartz_en_single.pdf ) does not mention anything about Henry's alleged studies of medicine in Belgium prior to his arrival in Canada in February 1950.
For many, many years
Morgentaler claimed that during WWII he was kept at Auschwitz concentration camp not in KL Landsberg subcamp of Dachau.

I went to the trouble of contacting International Tracing Service in Germany and I received from them copies of Henry Morgentaler's files and I would gladly share them with you so please send me an email and you will see these files for yourself.