Monday, July 11, 2011

Finally - Canada Says NO To The UN

Finally, Canada is saying NO to the disreputable club that ridicules the very values it was meant to uphold. Obviously, this should have been done long ago, when representatives of the world's notorious dictatorships, blasted Canada for allegedly neglecting human rights from the tribune of the UN human rights commission; when the very same bunch of self-centered bureaucrats appointed Iran (a country where women are subjected to corporal punishment, not to mention stoning,) to its women's rights committee. But appointing North Korea, world's most heavily militarized Communist war-mongering regime, the chair of the UN disarmament conference, was apparently the last straw:
Canada plans to boycott the United Nations conference on disarmament to protest North Korea's selection as conference chair, CTV News has learned.
Officials say Baird and the Conservative government are dismayed that the UN chose North Korea, which is building nuclear weapons and has threatened South Korea with military action.

One senior government official described North Korea's chairmanship of the disarmament conference as "absurd," saying it undermines the UN commitment to demilitarize the world.
It's about time. Finally we have a government that puts Canada's interests first, that has a common sense vision for Canada's role in the world and that doesn't accept any nonsense that comes from the UN as an indisputable dogma.

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