Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Another Union Campaigns Against Fiscal Sanity

As if halting the mail for two weeks wasn't enough:
Get ready for some more labour unrest in Canada.

Canada's largest public sector union, the Public Service Alliance of Canada, is vowing to initiate a major offensive against any plans to radically reduce its membership.

President John Gordon says his union, which represents about 172,000 federal employees, won't start a general strike but will be actively be campaigning against the Tories and any potential job cuts.
In lieu of striking, it's launched a more "strategic" initiative which includes public relations drive with an email blitz to Harper and treasury board president Tony Clement.

In the coming months, the union will also organize its members to engage workers in their communities by calling attention to potential service cuts.
Somehow they seem to overlook the fact that it was Harper's government that added some 33000 public sector jobs in the last 5 years, so even if 1 in 8 public service employees is let go - that will merely bring the number of bureaucrats back to where it used to be before Harper - without any noticeable impact on services.

And if the unions do proceed with the campaigns they plan - hopefully that will encourage the government to introduce some amendments to the labor code. Especially the one that allows workers to decide for themselves whether or not they want to be members of a union. Those unsatisfied with the major union, should be allowed to opt-out or to form a union of their own, if they wish so. That will not only lessen the influence of those Marxist functionaries that pretend to act on behalf of everyone who happens to hold a specific job, but also to uphold our freedom of conscience and freedom of association.

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